Countless moms tell us...

Carmelite is SOOO much
more than a daycare.

It’s exposing your child to something exceedingly well-rounded, thoughtfully dynamic, and remarkably unique that you can’t find anywhere else.




Catholicism taught with passion - and Sisters! (How many places have that anymore?)

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An Intergenerational EXPERIENCE

An Intergenerational EXPERIENCE

Fun and smiles shared frequently with the Grandmas and Grandpas at St. Agnes Home.

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A super memorable EXPERIENCE...

for the whole family.

A super memorable EXPERIENCE...

for the whole family. Memories that will last a lifetime – that also let your little one SHINE.

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Christmas Pageant
Summer Water Days
All Saints Parade
Circus Day
Spring Family Picnic
Easter Egg Hunt
May Crowning

Oh, and just for the record, we have a...


which makes for a “wide open spaces” EXPERIENCE everyday, right here in Kirkwood!

So What's Our Approach?

Our day is a


yet creative combination of:

Indoor Play
Outdoor Play
Large Group Time
Small Group Time
Teacher-Directed Activities
Self-Directed Activities

We also believe

That children learn

best through

and base our program on a Creative Curriculum model, tackling education and skill development from a

different ANGLE.

are incorporated into weekly themes with fun and engaging activities designed to develop skills and expand knowledge.

An average day, for example, looks something like this...

  • This week's theme...Farming!


    Morning prayer – We all pray together and return to our classrooms “driving a tractor.”


    Small group activity time- We choose and rotate through several activities:

    • a pool of corn kernels or rice at the sensory table (fine motor)
    • the book area specially stocked with kid’s farming books
    • play area with tractors, veggies, and farming dress-up
    • a fun game of “Count Your Seeds” (math)
    • making pig noses out of egg cartons at the art table
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

Of course, the daily schedule and curriculum are adjusted to custom fit each classroom and age group.




A child must attend a minimum of two days per week and must turn two before attending. Registration for the upcoming Summer and Fall takes place in early March for families new to the Center. However, continual enrollment takes place throughout the year. ***This means your child does not necessarily need to turn two before August 1st.

An application form can be filled out once a child has reached 18 months and he or she will be placed on our waiting list. The family will be contacted and registration will begin when the child’s birthday is approaching and space is available.


Tuition Fees, beginning July 8, 2019:

Full Time:

St. Joseph Room (early 2's) - $290/week
St. Therese Room (older 2's / younger 3's) - $265/week
Bl. Maria Teresa and St. John of the Cross (older 3's - pre-kindergarten) - $235/week

Part Time (2 or 3 days/week):

St. Joseph and St. Therese Rooms - $65/day
Bl. Maria Teresa and St. John of the Cross - $60/day

All payments will be on a monthly basis.

  • Sibling Discount: 10% discount on the younger sibling’s tuition when more than one child is enrolled full-time.
  • Absence: Weekly payment remains the same regardless of absence.
  • Late Pick up Fee: There is a $1 per minute charge for a child picked up after 6 pm

Hours / Closing

Open M-F from 6:30 am – 6 pm (drop-offs preferably before 9 am). We NEVER close for snow, but are closed for:

  • Holy Thursday-Easter Monday
  • Memorial Day
  • July 2 & 4
  • Last Friday in August
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving & Friday
  • December 8
  • Christmas week (Dec. 24-Jan. 1)


Our daycare center consists of four classrooms:

  • St. Joseph Room – early 2s ratio 1/8 (teacher/child) Not potty trained? Not a problem!
  • St. Therese Room – 2s + 3s 1/8 ratio
  • Bl. Maria Teresa Room – 3s + 4s 1/10 ratio
  • St. John of the Cross Room – 4s + 5s 1/10 ratio


  • Discipline
  • Communication
  • Meals
We believe that making a child feel loved is the first and most important part of good discipline. We also believe the recipe for behavioral success is clear limits stated in a positive, specific, and concrete way. A child having difficulty controlling his or her behavior may be removed from the situation for a brief period of time and then returned to the group. We also use redirection as a means to control and calm a child. Through teacher facilitation, the child is guided to self discipline and learns to express and use his or her feelings in constructive ways.
“What we did today” is posted daily in every room. Day to day reminders are posted in each room and are included in a monthly e-newsletter to parents. It’s our custom to discuss your child’s behavior via face-to-face communication including parent/teacher conferences held twice a year.
We believe that meal time is an excellent opportunity to form long-lasting manners in our little ones. Therefore, grace before meals is prayed and a nutritious lunch is served family style. Each child passes the food and serves themselves something of everything, waiting for all to be served before beginning to eat. After the meal each child asks to be excused and clears his or her place. An optional 8 a.m. breakfast is also served.

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